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Happy Island

Happy Island, a Different Bet's innovative offering, enhanced traditional roulette games, bringing excitement with each spin.

Happy Island's product is suitable for both retail and internet operators.

Happy Island's product is concentrated and directly aimed at the user, increasing his playing life and instilling passion and confidence while in the game.

Improve your online or retail offering with our cutting-edge solution. Happy Island.



RouletteMat is a roulette wheel-based slot machine that is an amazing blend of old table games and current slot machine entertainment.

RouletteMat is a fantastic way for devoted roulette gamers to experience the thrill of a classic table game in the shape of a modern slot machine. 

RouletteMat spins the wheel in the same way that regular roulette does. 

Still, it also includes classic slot machine characteristics like pay lines, bonus rounds, free spins, and random progressive jackpots.